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How long do I have to keep my records?

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Record retention is a must, whether for personal, business, or tax reasons. However, record retention is necessary only to the extent it serves a useful purpose or satisfies legal requirements. For example, generally the IRS must assess additional tax within three years after the later of filing of a return or its due date. The period is six years if the taxpayer omits items of gross income that in total exceed 25% of gross income reported on their return. If a fraudulent return is filed or if no return is filed there is no limit to the period the tax can be assessed. In practice, however, most individuals and businesses retain records based on available space.

Below is a recommended record retention schedule for some of the more common items for businesses and Individuals.

IRS Record Retention Guidelines



Tax returns, & financial statements Permanent
General ledger Permanent
Payroll records (W-2’s, 941, journals, etc) Permanent
Depreciation schedules Permanent
Corporate or partnership legal documents Permanent
Cancel checks, bank statements and deposit slips 7
Expense reports 7
Vendor receipts and invoices 7
Customer invoices 7
Time reports 7
Equipment records 5 (after disposition)
Leases and contracts 10 (after termination)
Employee contracts 7 (after termination)
Position applications, resumes or other job advertisements and replies relating to employees 7 (after termination)
Position applications, resumes or other job advertisements and replies relating to non-employees 1 (after completion)


Tax returns & W-2 forms Permanent
Pay stubs 3
Annual 1099s and tax reporting statements 7
Property records (home purchase, improvements, stock purchases, etc.) 5(after disposition)
Bank statements, credit statements, etc. 7
Receipts for deductible expenses (charity, medical, taxes, etc.) 7

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Source: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

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